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With Iconic Insurance, finding the right coverage for your family or small business has never been easier.

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Who we are

An independent brokerage focused on people

Finding health insurance can feel like a nightmare. You might spend hours searching plans that seem to cover very little and cost a lot, leaving you confused about what you bought and how it works.

Not anymore. Iconic takes the guesswork out of finding health insurance. No hours spent searching cryptic marketplaces. No endless sales calls. No cut-rate plans that leave you underinsured and vulnerable. Just friendly, qualified insurance professionals to walk you through your best options and how to use them.

Licensed in AL, AZ, AR, CO, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NV, OH, TN, TX, and WI.

Matt Allen, Founder
How it works

Security in three simple steps

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Complete your Personal Wellness Snapshot to help us understand your unique needs.

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Talk to our qualified insurance specialist by phone or Zoom to discuss your options.

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Sign up and relax knowing you have great coverage and the knowledge to use it.


I would highly recommend Iconic Insurance to anyone seeking to navigate the healthcare industry to find cost-effective solutions for their personal health insurance.

 Tim & Laura Blow, Scottsdale, AZ

No special interests

Because we're an independent brokerage, we have access to the full breadth of products. That means we have no incentive to prioritize a brand over what's best for you.

No extra fees

We get paid by the insurance companies, so you pay the same premium you would pay if you found the plan yourself. You get a trusted advisor to lead you to the right choice.

No sales calls

We only collect your contact information to schedule a meeting. We will never sell your information or hound you with sales calls. Guaranteed!

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