Retiring Before 65?

  1. Gather The Following Information: Date of Birth, Zip Code, List of Prescriptions (with dosages), PCP (Primary Care Provider), Specialists, Hospitals/Facilities You Want In-Network
  2. If You’re Leaving A Job With Benefits, Contact HR And Get Your COBRA Details
  3. Calculate Your Projected Household MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income) For The Year You Retire And Subsequent Years
  4. Contact Your Dentist To Get A List Of Insurances They Accept
  5. Head to the Health Insurance Marketplace With Your Information
  6. Watch This Video Tutorial On How To Select The Right ACA Plan With Your Information
  7. Look At What Supplemental Plans Will Cover And See If They Fit Your Retirement
  8. Head Over To Delta Dental, Cigna Dental, Manhattan Life, Or Any Other Dental Plan Through Google
  9. Mark Your Calendar 6 Months From Your 65th Birthday To Come Back And Learn About Medicare
  10. Stop Worrying About Health Insurance And Enjoy Your Retirement!


Matt Allen - Expert of Health Insurance in Early Retirement

Matt Allen: Founder of Iconic Insurance (317) 828-5880

  • Not getting a tax credit
  • No pre-existing conditions
  • Don’t want an ACA Plan (ObamaCare)